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Arnold's Medical Companion for Young Men

          A Hoosier Historic Enterprises exclusive!  By J.L. Arnold, M.D. (1856).  Containing the laws of physiology and health and a history of every disease; its cause, prevention, and cure.  Also, a special lecture on organic generation; its philosophy, singularities, and derangements; containing many strange and useful facts on the subject of procreation $15.00

Custer's Dance Music:  Fifty Years in the Ballroom

      A Hoosier Historic Enterprises exclusive!  By B.B. Custer (1889).  A collection of original dance music, as taught to more than 75,000 pupils. $15.00


Old Fashioned Celebrations $6.00

Hearthside Recipes $6.00

Lewis & Clark:  Adventures in Cooking $6.00

Native American Recipes $6.00

Old Pioneer Recipes $6.00

Old Shaker Recipes $6.00

Old Southern Recipes $6.00

Old Recipes & History from Western Trails $6.00

Dutch Oven Cooking $13.00

Campfire Cooking $11.00

Cast Iron Cooking:  Inside and Out $11.00

Leatherbound journal       $21.00

Mourning Art and Jewelry                                                         $60.00


Dave Bourne:  

Saloon Piano vol. 1 $17.00

Saloon Piano vol. 2 $17.00

Saloon Piano vol. 3 $17.00

Saloon Piano vol. 4 $17.00

Saloon Piano vol. 5 $17.00

Saloon Piano vol. 6 $17.00

19th Century Favorites and Rarities $17.00


poke bags  small  (3" x 4")  $1.00

                     large (4" x 6")  $2.00

tiny bottles amber or clear

narrow mouth or wide mouth

                             $-.50 each

Tins   $1.50 each

Toys and Games

Wooden dice:             $1.50/pair.

Playing cards:

 1864 Poker Deck          $7.50

 Civil War illuminated poker deck $15.75

Early American playing cards $10.00

Wooden ball-cup game:    $3.50

Buzz saw (whizzer) $7.00

Wooden dominoes:  $3.50

Pick Up Sticks:       $3.50

Wooden spinner tops: unfinished      $1.00

Wooden spinner tops: painted     $2.00

String-propelled tops:    $3.00

Wooden pecking chickens:  $4.50

Ball and jacks:  $2.00  

Toy rolling pin:  $2.00

Wooden yo-yo:  $3.00

Marbles:  glass $3.50  

Clay marbles:    Pouch of 10 .        $8.50

Jacob’s ladder:  $5.00

Horn whistle small $3.50

Horn whistle double-sided $4.50

Wooden bowling set $9.00

Cannon Pencil Sharpener $4.50

Cedar slingshot $7.00

Cedar rubber band pistol $7.00

Cedar double barrel pistol $9.00

Cedar rubber band shotgun $10.00

Plague rats (or state’s rats, depending on the venue) (rubber mice) $2.00

(Hide in your pard’s bedding if you want, but remember you’ve gotta sleep sometime…)

Lucky rabbit’s foot $2.00

WARBLING BIRD WHISTLES:  put water in it about halfway then blow for chirpy bird sounds $5.00


26 pc. Cavalry set $13.00

49 pc. Accessory set $15.00

Andersonville prison set $25.00

Burnside Bridge set $18.00

Wagons set       $13.00

Dunker Church set $15.00

Soldiers and fence set $15.00

Cannon and limbers set $9.00

Small soldiers set Confederate $5.00

Small soldiers set union $5.00

Civil War soldiers 50 pcs. $10.00

Lee Headquarters $15.00

Meade Headquarters       $15.00

Irish Brigade set     $10.00

Artillery set: 20 pc. Parrott $8.00

writing supplies

PENCILS:  cedar pencils without paint or erasers $0.50

TWIG PENCILS:                         $2.00

DIP PEN:  wooden handle               $4.00

POWDERED INK:  specify black or red.      $3.00

GLASS INKWELLS:                     $11.00

SEALING WAX:                 $3.00/stick

SEALING STAMP:            $7.00

QUILLS:  Ready to cut into pens.  From domestic turkeys $1.00

SLATE CHALKBOARD:  small 5 ½” x 7 ½” $7.50

                                          Large 7 ½” x 9 ½” $8.50

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