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SEWING SUPPLIES:  (see clothing section for buttons)

tatting kit                                                                $11.50

knitting kit                                                             $6.50

crochet kit                                                            $6.50

Housewife handmade sewing kit.  Contains scissors, pins, needles, buttons, and thread.


Pack of 21 sewing needles, assorted sizes, plus threader        $1.00

Pack of 24 hooks and eyes                                   $2.25

Pack of 1000 straight pins                                    $2.50

Folding scissors                                                    $2.00

Wooden Thimbles                                                            $1.25


BONE OR MOTHER-OF-PEARL:  Specify 2-hole or 4-hole. $0.50 each
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Select Style

METAL AND BLACK GLASS:  Assorted styles, dating from mid-19th to early 20th centuries; many one-of-a-kind pieces.  Let us know whether you are looking for a certain number that match; otherwise we will send mixed designs. $1.00 each
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