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The Incredible Adventures of Daniel Boone’s Kid Brother - Squire $9.95 


Mourning Art & Jewelry $59.95 


Arnold's Medical Companion for Young Men      A Hoosier Historic Enterprises exclusive!  By J.L. Arnold, M.D. (1856).  Containing the laws of physiology and health and a history of every disease; its cause, prevention, and cure.  Also, a special lecture on organic generation; its philosophy, singularities, and derangements; containing many strange and useful facts on the subject of procreation.  $15.00

Custer's Dance Music:  Fifty Years in the Ballroom  A Hoosier Historic Enterprises exclusive! By B.B. Custer (1889).  A collection of original dance music, as taught to more than 75,000 pupils.  $15.00

The Haggis:  a Little History

Clarissa Dickson Wright, one of the "two fat ladies" of Food Channel fame, delves into the history of haggis and comes up with an entertaining and definitive work on the subject of Scotland's national dish.  $9.95

Children's Manners and Morals


Toys and Games from Times Past


Early American Folk Dolls


Harmonica in C Music Book with Harmonica


Children’s Songs to Sing and Play


May Carols in C


Traditional Melodies in C



The Jump Rope Book