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Event Photos

Wedding photo.  That's my dad with the shotgun.

Our Product Testers

Howl-O serenades us at Shiabruck Faire, 2004 


Miniature Painting
I used to be a professional miniature painter; however, due to work and family commitments, I stopped painting around 2006.  Enjoy these samples of my work!  Maybe someday I'll take it up again...

This is my first attempt at "non-metallic metallics" technique on the sword. This model was originally an elf, but the customer requested that the ears to be made more humanlike. 

Slann mage-priest. Customer requested model not be placed on flight stand, and spiky bits to be left off bottom of model. 

Mordian Iron Guard. 

Custom heraldry representing the Middle Kingdom for the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).

Angel by Lance and Laser Miniatures. 

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